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Laines London Ethical Policy



Laines London Ethical Trading Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”) sets out standards for Laines  London to uphold in relation to its own employees and for its supply chain partners to uphold in relation to their employees. In terms of the supply chain, Laines London requires agreement to the Code of Conduct from all those involved in its extended supply chain, including all Business Associates.

Laines London  believes that it is important to be a socially responsible business ,promoting fair and sustainable employment practices internally and by supporting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace both within its own operations and across its supply chain.



The standards outlined below apply to all Laines London Business Associates and compliance with these standards is expected of every Business Associate. If local law sets higher standards than the base code then these legislative requirements should be met:


  • Employment is freely chosen (not forced or enslaved)

  • Freedom of association (freedom of speech; the right of workers to negotiate with employers)

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  • Child labour shall not be used

  • Living wages are paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No discrimination is practised

  • Regular employment is provided

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

  • As a minimum, building, including structural, fire and electrical safety standards must be compliant with local laws and regulations.

  • Access to clean toilet facilities and to potable (safe drinking) water





 • Measurable steps, such as the onsite inspection of Business Associate’s facilities will be carried out     to assess whether the standards are properly implemented and complied with.

 • Business Associates are expected to identify and correct any activities that conflict with the standard of the Ethical Trading Code of Conduct

• Business Associates shall immediately report any serious breaches of the Ethical Trading Code of Conduct together with a schedule for corrective action agreed by laines London . Where serious breaches of the Ethical Trading Code of Conduct persist, laines London  will consider termination of the business relationship with the Business Associate concerned



Laines London Responsibility

  • Be aware how sourcing, design, buying and trading decisions and actions can influence the supplier’s ability to comply with the ETI Base Code

  • Seek the views of our suppliers and encourage feedback

  • Proactively work with our suppliers to make any improvements required to meet our Ethical Standards

Supplier Responsibility

  • Actively manage and monitor working conditions in every factory that they use to manufacture Laines London products, so as to achieve our ethical standards

  • Ensure that all sub-contractors or other third parties engaged in the supply of Laines London products are aware of, and conform to our ethical standards

  • Alert us to any issues where they are unable to achieve our ethical standards

  • Proactively work with us to make any improvements required to meet our ethical standards

  • Use only pre-approved sites for Laines London production

  • Manufacture products only at the approved site specified on the purchase order

  • Share ethical information with us openly and honestly, disclosing all details concerning production including: raw materials, place and method of manufacture, use of all sub-contractors or other third parties involved in the process

  • Permit Laines London employees, or our appointed agents, access to all production facilities for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Laines London Ethical Policy (by appointment or on an unannounced basis)


Shared Values and Responsibility

To follow purchasing practices which are consistent with the delivery of our ethical standards:

  • Understand production lead-times

  • Negotiate a fair price for the goods that we buy

  • Negotiate any changes to orders giving reasonable notice

  • Pay on time, and according to agreed terms

  • Communicate in a clear, accurate and timely way

  • Work together to improve the efficiency in the supply chain relationship

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