“I had so much fun designing these pieces. This year has been a year of comfort, loungewear
and all things cosy, so I could not resonate with the brand more” – Tabitha Willett
The Laines London slippers are faux fur and feature a brooch that can be removed and worn
on any items of clothing or your favourite accessories. The Ottilie Slipper displays a large red
and pink crystal bow, and comes in both cream and black. This slipper was named after
Tabitha’s daughter Ottilie, who never left the house without a bow in her hair for the first
eighteen months. “Bows resonate her personality and have become a symbol of happiness
and love for me. I couldn'tt not include them in my first ever design collaboration” said


The second slipper in this collection is the Venus slipper, featuring a jewelled brooch of a
scallop in cream and grey. The inspiration behind the Venus slipper derives from the famous
painting – Birth of Venus, where Venus (the goddess of love) appears in a scallop shell.
Tabitha said - “It is so pure and beautiful, juxtaposed by the soft fluffy slipper. There is
something very female and sensual even about a scallop shell. I am just totally in love!”.